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Bambino BIANCO Adult Diapers (All White Diapers) The Bambino Bianco - A Customize-it-Yourself Designer Adult Baby Diaper! Many of our DL customers have.

Bambino Bianco - The sister to the Bambino Classico adult baby diaper with more of the best features found in your favorite adult diapers from around the world.

Description. Bambino Bianco UltraStretch White Adult Diaper. Finally arrived in Australia the Bambino Bianco Ultrastretch White plastic backed adult diaper.

Large - 6 bags of 8 diapers (48 total). Extra Large - 6 bags of 8 diapers (48 total). Double drum core with impressive absorbency. Inner standing leg cuffs.

Bianco UltraStretch - Bag of We are proud to introduce the new Bambino Bianco UltraStretch! They are an absorbent and comfortable fit diaper.