Remembering Eamon and Frankee, music’s greatest ever beef - eamon and frankee fuck it


Eamon - Fuck it & Fuck You Right Back [Eamon Lyrics eamon and frankee fuck it

Jun 23, Eamon Vs. Frankee Fuck It & Fuck You Right Back Lyrics.

Fuck It is the debut single by American singer-songwriter/harmonicist Eamon. It was co-written While Eamon initially said that he selected Frankee to record the song at an audition, he later stated that his only involvement was in clearing the.

F.U.R.B. (Fuck You Right Back)" is the debut single by American R&B singer Frankee. The song was recorded in response to Eamon's hit "Fuck It and peaked at.

Nov 24, 'Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)' was a fucking extraordinary piece of music: Eamon, in true Eamon fashion, denied having ever met Frankee.

Oct 4, In , Eamon and Frankee introduced us to one of music's most incredible beefs: 'Fuck It' and 'F.U.R.B'. In , we are still left with many.