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But in lesbian terms, a toaster-oven is a marker of a gay woman's sexual experience with a straight woman – as in, if you turn a straight girl, you.

If you recruit a lot of lesbians you get a gift in the mail! and once you have a toaster oven, you can make english muffin pizzas, so in other words.

Tina did a toaster oven on Alyson at last nights slumber party. A presumably heterosexual woman who is about to have sex with a lesbian for the first time.

The cashier screwed up and forgot to charge Lacie for our new toaster oven. What now? Do we accept it as a gift from God (for, as Ellen.

Since , a hallmark sigil of lesbians has been a toaster oven. This is thanks to the TV show Ellen, and the infamous "The Puppy Episode." The History.