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Disneys Recess (Fan Fiction) spinelli and tj sex

Rated for sexual content, if you don't like it, don't read. TJSpinelli. TJ and Spinelli had both been watching '28 days later' for around an hour.

TJ had to come up with a plan to save Spinelli from Finster's, and then . Then he got mad when I wouldn't have sex with him and he said I was.

"You had sex?" Gretchen repeated. "Yup," Spinelli said, waiting for another reaction. "Oh, well good job. So do you think I should get the.

By: Skatole. TJ & Spinelli have sex. Hopefully better than this summary. M-rating for content; story contains no vulgar words or coarse language.

recess- sex education- practical aplication -: By: englishwitch -: Published: October 12, Updated: October spinelli and TJ make an unusual bet Minor.