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Why the desktop search of Windows Vista sucks. A week ago, I've upgraded from Windows XP SP3 to Vista x64 SP1. I already had been using.

"When we first deployed Vista, people told us it sucks, that it's not as good as XP," recalled Sumeeth Evans, IT director at In search of ROI.

I've been using Microsoft Vista for about 9 months now on several different machines. find that a large percentage will agree that Vista is just plain crap. . M$ has failed to not suck for some time (since in my opinion).

Windows search cannot search into unregistered file types, even if they are plain text. Further, even if you register a file type, sometimes your settings may get.

Performing searches has drastically changed in Windows Vista; what used to be a nightmare is now an easily accomplished task using Vista's powerful new Search features. . I agree Vista search still sucks even after SP2.