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Breast Implants Shapes: Teardrop vs. Round - NATRELLE® Canada teardrop shaped breast impant

The term “gummy bear” is actually a nickname for these teardrop-shaped, gel- based implants. They're known to retain their shape better than.

These anatomic or teardrop shaped implants are made with cohesive silicone gel to provide both long lasting shape and safety. There are 12 different shapes to.

Choosing round or teardrop implants can impact on your breast enlargement result. Discuss which implant is best for you, your size & shape.

The two basic breast implant shapes are round and teardrop. Breasts and body types differ greatly from woman to woman, so the ideal breast implant shape for.

While implant size is important, another factor to consider is implant shape. Learn more about teardrop vs round breast implants.