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4 Tips for Getting Over the Mental Block to Eating Your Own Cum - Mx Nillin wys to eat your own cum

A lot of Men would like to try to taste their own semen; however usually immediately after ejaculation the desire subsides and they never get to experience it.

I discovered this technique by accident in my 20's before the internet. Like many men and boys who get the urge to swallow our cum while we are masturbating.

I'd be willing to bet that % of men who have been genuinely curious about the taste of their own cum have been able to figure out how to.

One of my personal favorite ways to eat my own cum is by mixing it into a meal, or , just ejaculating onto a piece of cake or into a pudding cup or.

Not alone. You're not alone. There are a lot of guys who feel this way. My wife and I have gone through the same experience. It took me year's.