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Escort vehicles are used to accompany heavy haulage transports to provide additional warning to drivers on the road. It helps establish the potential safety risks.

An escort vehicle, also called a pilot vehicle in most areas, is an automobile used to escort of transportation of heavy oversize machines, the front escort must have amber safety lights that can be seen from ° and from at least feet. on both sides may be mounted on top of the vehicle, the sign must be at least 5.

CB. These are just some of the skills you'll need as a Escort Car Driver. Traffic Laws CDL Army Base Heavy Equipment 4K Water Truck Pilot Vehicle Driver.

Whether ships, airplanes or space ships - the company Kustech escorts heavy transport with its vehicles. Always there: Sprinter with traffic.

As a pilot car operator, you are responsible for leading or following at all times if the freight on the heavy truck has a high cargo load.