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Hello, I am a year-old virgin who has never been in an actual relationship. I call myself a unicorn because in this day and age, I think I'm.

Unexplained pain in your lower belly or around the vulva area. you should make an appointment with your health care provider or gynecologist. Even if you're a virgin (you've never had vaginal intercourse), you may need.

Tampon use, athletic activities, riding a bike and sometimes nothing at all may cause this membrane to rupture with no pain. If indeed your hymen is still intact.

Dear Dr. Kate, I'm a virgin, and I've never been to the gynecologist. if you don't have any problems or pain, you likely don't need an exam.

What you should know before your first trip to the gynecologist. "My mother was under the assumption that I was still a virgin, so I told my gyno that I was, "I was expecting the pap smear to really hurt because everyone.