Obese couple makes three-story fall after floor collapses during sex - obese couple sex


Morbidly obese couple have sex for the first time | Daily Mail Online obese couple sex

A lbs man and his lbs wife had a rather unusual accident last night as the floor of their apartment collapsed during a particularly intense sexual.

Jan 11, Morbidly obese couple have sex for the FIRST time in their year relationship - after losing almost half of their combined 1,lb weight.

May 8, Obese couple who have lost lbs combined by working out together six times- a-week say their sex life is 'amazing' since their transformation.

Jan 11, A morbidly obese couple who got together 11 years ago have finally been able to have sex for the first time. Lee Sutton and Rena Kiser.

Nov 29, When a person is morbidly obese, their sex life often suffers. Desire for sex, performance, and enjoyment can nosedive. Many simply avoid sex.