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ifpdf – Provides the \ifpdf conditional To use it with LaTeX simply \usepackage{ ifpdf}. Then use \ifpdf. Sources, /macros/latex/contrib/oberdiek/umassrefs.info

A re-implementation of Heiko Oberdiek's ifpdf package with simplified structure and updated to work with current LuaTEX. The package defines.

switch \ifpdf. The detection is based on \pdfoutput and the package will not change this value. It works with plain or LATEX formats. Contents.

\ifpdf is defined by package ifpdf. Thus you can replace your code by \ RequirePackage{ifpdf}. The package/class that defines \ifpdf can be.

This error occurs because the \ifpdf switch is getting defined by two different packages. Normally the ifpdf package should be used for that, but.