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Several cases of posterior vaginal fornix injury have been reported in the of posterior fornix laceration following sexual intercourse have been.

Coitus was in the missionary position and she remembered hearing a popping sound On vaginal examination she was found to have a posterior fornix The laceration was closed from above as well as intravaginally with.

OBJECTIVE: (1) To describe lacerations of the vaginal fornices, an injury was evaluated by pediatric surgery, and found to have a laceration of the vagina.

Consensual sexual intercourse should ordinarily not cause pain as opposed to rape. a deep transverse laceration about 4cm on the posterior fornix of the vagina. She also had multiple superficial vaginal lacerations with a cm laceration.

Trauma to posterior fornix is common. It is due to direct injury during intercourse. Sometimes gut may come through the tear. In that case, it is known as vaginal.